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Beatrice Phan Estate Planning

Beatrice Phan is an estate planning attorney in Irvine, CA. Ms. Phan also provides estate planning services throughout California by meeting with clients ONLINE.

"Beatrice did a great job creating our family's living trust. I have consulted three estate planning attorneys in the past. Beatrice is the most responsive and detail oriented one I have worked with. Her services include more than a typical trust and she provides a lot of legal insight. Emails were replied to, special requests were handled, questions were always answered. Would highly recommend."

~Jeff T.

"It was such a great experience working with Beatrice. She took the time to consider every detail and answered every question we had. She developed a plan that is perfect for our family and we feel at ease knowing that a plan is in place for our children should something unexpected happen to us."

~Beth and Ann C.

"I am a single mother of two young kids. I met Beatrice because our kids attend the same school. She is very knowledgeable about estate planning and helped me to realize how important it was for someone like me who was in charge of two young kids by myself to have the proper plans            in place so that my kids would be taken care of in case something were to happen to me. She took great care of me and my kids and now I have peace of mind that no matter what my kids will be OK."

~Angelina S.

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