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"It's a pleasure to help secure our clients' most cherished assets."

-Beatrice Phan

Perry K.

A couple of acquaintances suddenly passed away; their families had a heck of a time with the probate courts because they did not have a trust/will.

Because of their proximity to my age, I thought it probably be a good idea to be prepared for the possibility/inevitability that something could happen to me. I enlisted the Law Offices of Beatrice Phan; She was thorough, knowledgeable, responsive, easy to work with, and from conversations with others, her fees are very good.

She made the process very easy; easier than I thought it would be. Everything was researched and prepared very well. You'll see what I mean; get your trust/will through her office.

Nestor S.

I put together a 'living trust' back in 2010 when I took a road trip down to Baja California, only to be educated by Beatrice that it was practically useless. I was referred to her law office by an acquaintance who recommended her services. She made the process of establishing a properly executed living trust quite easy. She was accommodating with my schedule, followed up and responded to all my questions. Her method, process and guidance on what I needed to do on my part was simple and explained in terms I could comprehend. I highly recommend her services.

Jeff T.

Beatrice did a great job creating our family's living trust. I have consulted three estate planning attorneys in the past. Beatrice is the most responsive and detail oriented one I have worked with. Her services include more than a typical trust and she provides a lot of legal insight. Emails were replied to, special requests were handled, questions were always answered. Would highly recommend.

Jo T.

We had our trust/will done early 2000. 2016 we need to update ours since there were a lot of changes in our lives. Beatrice was very thorough. We were shocked of many things were not included nor informed from our original law office. The process took a long time due to many paperwork needed to be filed. We are extremely happy and satisfied with Beatrice's service. If you love yourself and family, please get your trust/will done.

Ben and Ann C.

It was such a great experience working with Beatrice. She took the time to consider every detail and answered every question we had. She developed a plan that is perfect for our family and we feel at ease knowing that a plan is in place for our children should something unexpected happen to us.

Vicky and Jason M.

I am a woman who got married later in life. Prior to getting married, I had acquired several houses and owned many other assets worth a considerable amount of money. My future husband was also very established on his own and we wanted to start a life together without intermingling the assets that we had acquired prior to our marriage. Beatrice guided us on how to do that and we are very grateful to her for helping us start a life together without the headaches of who owns what and at the same time being able to set up a trust that works for our situation. She is very caring, knowledgeable and humble. We cannot recommend her highly enough!

Jenny T.

Beatrice is absolutely magnificent. She helped me set up my living trust. She took the time to explain every detail to me. She was patient, friendly, and most importantly, she was extremely thorough. I actually had a trust done once in the past and the experience is completely different in comparison. With the first trust, the lawyer only met with me once and then quickly drew up a trust which was very generic. Beatrice is different. She took the time to lay out the plan for me. She contact me several times to make sure all my questions were answered. She put together a package to draw out every detail before making a formal trust. When everything is finalized, it was placed into a very nice folder. She even gave me a short certification to use for convenience. Best experience I ever had. Highly recommended!

John and Janet T.

Beatrice helped my husband and me with an estate plan tailored to our needs, as we do not have children of our own, but wanted for our many nieces and nephews to inherit our assets. We also wanted for our beloved dog to have a loving home to go to when we are no longer alive. She carefully listened to our concerns and offered great and insightful advice so that we could make the best decisions for our loved ones. We highly recommend Beatrice!

Evelyn W.

I am very pleased with the estate planning I received from Beatrice. She explained everything in great detail and made things very easy to understand. Her personality is very warm, kind, and caring. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a wonderful and caring attorney to help them with their estate plan.

Angelina S.

I am a single mother of two young kids. I met Beatrice because our kids attend the same school. She is very knowledgeable about estate planning and helped me to realize how important it was for someone like me who was in charge of two young kids by myself to have the proper plans in place so that my kids would be taken care of in case something were to happen to me. She took great care of me and my kids and now I have peace of mind that no matter what my kids will be OK.

Steve C.

My family doctor set me up for an appointment with his living trust lawyer, Ms. Beatrice Phan. Beatrice meticulously (I will use that word a lot) explained how probate court eats up time and money and how a living trust protects my assets and how my assets will be passed on to my kids. Within 5 minutes I knew a living trust was the way for me to protect my assets and family. I walked out of Beatrice's office totally committed to proceed. Beatrice gave me a list of to-dos and it took me some time to collect everything. Beatrice was meticulous with every document follow up. Dox-gathering turned into an educational journey. Beatrice straightened out several weak points in my assets. Not only do I now have a functional living trust but my business and business holdings are all solid. Most importantly, both my kids now know exactly what to do, where they stand and where everything is. My sister and brother in law will soon be getting their own to do list from Beatrice.

Jeanne V.

Ms. Beatrice Phan is experienced and competent in her field of estate planning law. If you are a very detailed person, you will love working with Beatrice and her staff. Beatrice is uber meticulous and detail-oriented in making sure that your trust fits your needs, as well as needs you might not have considered. Anyone with OCD tendencies will love her (seriously/jk). She makes sure all the t's are crossed, and i's are dotted - literally - from the initial consultation, to the final documents, to the funding of your trust.

Beatrice goes beyond the core business, legal aspects of her work. She cares about her clients as people, and families, and wants to be there for you long term. She is much more than just a transactional attorney. Everyone in her office resembles this, and they run things tight. During this difficult time in our lives, she and her staff were very compassionate and made the experience pleasant.

I highly recommend Ms. Phan as an estate planning attorney. You'll appreciate the Peace of mind you have afterwards.

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