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Beatrice Phan graduated from U.C. Hastings College of the Law and has over 15 years' experience as an attorney. As a daughter, a wife, and mother of a 10-year-old and 7-year old, she has asked the same questions that you are likely asking yourself now: "How do I make sure that my parents are taken care of in their old age? What would happen to my family if something were to happen to me? How can I make sure that they will be properly taken care of physically and financially? If I am no longer here, will my kids be raised with the same values that I have tried so hard to instill in them? Will they remember how much I loved them?"

Through having to answer these tough questions in planning for her own family, she feels that the process has taught her a great deal about her role and responsibility as a daughter, wife, and mother. She has come to realize that for her, the most important and meaningful duty is to protect her family no matter what: during her lifetime, but more importantly, when they will be most vulnerable - when she is no longer here.

What she loves about being an Estate Planning attorney is that she has the privilege of helping individuals and families who all share this same sense of duty to protect their family and loved ones, and who have the desire to protect their loved ones now and for as long as possible. She finds great satisfaction and purpose in being part of this very meaningful and rewarding process.

Outside of work, Beatrice enjoys watching her children play music, sing, and play tennis. She also loves going to the movies, hiking, reading, traveling, and spending carefree time with her family. She was born in Vietnam, grew up in France and has lived in the US for close to 30 years. Her unique background makes her fluent in Vietnamese, French and English. In addition, having lived in different areas of the world helps her understand people from different cultures where the laws may differ greatly from those of the US. Therefore, it is always a priority of hers to make sure that she explains how US laws work in a simple and easy way so that her clients fully understand 1) the estate plans that are drafted and customized for them, 2) how those plans meet the requirements of US laws, and most importantly 3) why their family will be able to rely on the plan when and if something were to happen to her clients.

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